This gospel tract has been designed in Jyväskylä Reformed Baptist Church by comic artist Minna Sundberg. You may download various versions of the tract here.


  • Copyright © 2022 Jyväskylän Reformoidun Baptistiseurakunnan yhdistys ry
  • Creative commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence applies, i.e. you can use and redistribute tract freely in any medium or format, but you are not allowed to make modifications (without our explicit permission).
    • Exception: you may add your church logo and associated information in its allocated place on the last page (where Reba logo is).
  • Commercial use is not permitted. Please contact us first!

Now available:

Recommended paper quality (when ordering via printing house)

250g silk

Information & rules for translators:

  • You must include copyright line and link to this page (like in originals)
  • To make translating possible, we provide also image without texts
  • You can use this sheet to make translation. It contains all translatable text of the gospel tract.
    • If you are able to do the translation but lack graphical editing skills, you can just do the translation of the texts. We can help you get texts into the tract.
  • If possible, we suggest using the following fonts:
  • If you wish to translate tract into another language, please contact us via email [email protected].
  • Please share your work with us, so we can make it available here!